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Poetry and Memoir

When The Pain Went Away

A poem by Katy Wise about the overwhelming feeling of heartbreak.



It was just an ordinary day full of the traditional hope and promise of a new day. Like each day she woke up before she was ready but always thankful to have woken up. She ran through the mental to-do list for the day which seemed to be never-ending.

Just one more day and she would be seeing him. Just one more day and the mental to do list reviewing could be set aside. Just one more day and she would be in pure bliss.

Then the day began and went as her days normally went. The day was not amazing but the day was not terrible. The day was a simple day before an actual wonderful day.

But then the phone rang and the world came to a halt. The information poured through her ears like heavy goo that sucked out excitement as it entered each crevice of her mind. He didn’t care that she had been looking forward to the next day.

It was then that the cool façade broke. The weeks of ignored hurt flooded into her heart like a damn finally breaking against a surging river. Suddenly her ordinary day became a painful one.

She wondered how someone could physically handle so much sorrow. There must be a better way to deal with such a day. This was an experience and feeling she was not ready for.

It was then her mind started to churn and devise ways in which to stop feeling the hurt. There were ways to ensure that her days would never again be painful. However, deep down in her heart she knew that there was one ultimate solution to which she wanted to explore.

In between the sobs and moans, she checked her medicine cabinet’s inventory. She read labels and instructions to ensure she was picking the correct remedy. To calm down she took a hot shower.

Once the nervousness started to subside, the calm settled in. She went about her task with the greatest precision and accuracy. But before she finished she hoped it was worth it.

Katy Wise grew up in the gorgeous Ithaca, NY and currently enjoys the warmer weather of Texas. An IT Consultant by day, Katy has always found joy and inner peace in writing and incorporates it into her daily self-care routine. She is excited to share her work with the Enlightenedhood community!

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The Divine Energies

Natalia Santos shares a poem about leaning into Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.



Imaged Sourced from Canva

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine

The essence of divine energies,

Allow yourself to feel the energies, allow yourself to be.

Do not tin the energetic energies. Do not judge them, let them be.

Explore and understand the flows and stillness of femininity.

Exercise and explore the actions of masculinity. Allow them to merge, grow together, blend and infuse.

Be the creator spirit that you desire to be.

Pour yourself that glass of tea,

Watch how it pours into your glass. The flow of the feminine. The cup of the masculine.

The watery trickle of imagination, daydreams, and creativity.

To the grounding of the cup which hits the root. Ravaging roots circling into the ground.

We watch in awe. As they work together.

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No. 3: Wait, No Fireworks?

Leena Lemos reflects on her “forced” spiritual awakening and how shadow work changed everything.



The Spiritual Anthropologist is a raw, humorous, and inquisitive weekly column by Leena Lemos that explores the dance between the human experience and the spiritual being.

When I first began my journey, I spent almost four years trying to force a “spiritual awakening.” I wanted my spiritual gifts and I was done waiting for them. I visited all the crystal shops looking for the perfect stone to open my Third Eye. I listened to lightcode DNA activation binaural beats. I visited intuitive healer after intuitive healer, aching for someone to validate my spiritual existence.

Accurate portrayal of my conversations with spirit:


Leena sits in a lotus pose, surrounded by candles, crystals, and her latest oracle card pull. She huffs and puffs as she looks up to the ceiling.


I’m ready for my spiritual gifts, uniiiverrrseeeeeeeee!

She opens her arms wide as she waits for the light beam to strike.


K now. And now. Likeeeeeee now. Did you do it yet? Hello? Is this thing on?

The universe does not make a peep.


Alrighty, then. I guess ya busy or didn’t get the memo. It’s fine. Time to keep searching.


And I kept searching and pushing, but that spiritual activation, as I imagined, never came.

I thought my big spiritual upgrades would be accompanied by fireworks as my magic powers activated Captain Planet-style. I assumed my physiology would short circuit, causing a divine electrical surge to flow through my veins. I couldn’t wait to be that version of me, I always thought. That’s when I will truly be “spiritual.” That’s when everyone will finally see how worthy I am. That’s when all the hurt and pain will magically dissipate.

And then one day, I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize my own face. In trying to force a spiritual awakening I traveled even further from what I was actually searching for…self-love.

I was using my shallow form of spirituality to safeguard the young girl who built a Game of Thrones‘ size wall after high school trauma. I wanted outward recognition for the vibrant heart I kept hidden from the world. I wanted others to see my wise, cosmic, and claircognizant soul, so I could finally embody it in the “real world.”

I was ready to shine my light and was convinced it was only possible after a certain level of spiritual awareness.

After looking in that mirror, everything changed. When I turned inward, the painful truths and experiences that made me feel like I’m not enough began to bubble to the surface. I slowly began to accept that a complete universal makeover that is so divine it overpowers all of my wounds was just another escape from self-accountability.

I was caught in a limiting-belief paradigm that so many of us have fallen privvy to in the age of comparison culture on social media. And that’s the idea that there is a spiritual ladder to climb. That there is a pedestal that comes with a spiritual facade. That you are separate from your spiritual gifts. That you are separate from the universe.

I’ve worked through massive transformation this year. Massive loss. Massive burnout. Massive unlearning. Massive Healing. Massive Expansion.

Through doing the deep shadow work, I’ve seen first-hand the magic that happens when we alchemize parts of our soul that no longer serve us. It is not a gift we are given in lightning-beam form from the universe, but one we create sacred space for through our self-healing.

We are so capable. We are so powerful. We are the only ones who get to decide whether or not we grow. I’m still healing the remnants of shame that kept me from going inward sooner, but whether you call it ascension, raised consciousness, spiritual upgrades, awakening, the labels all agree on one thing: Our growth involves a perspective shift. But one you can’t see it until you’re on the otherside of it.

The truth is, most of the time, we have no idea this shift has happened until we’ve already unconsciously experienced it. But it’s the slow integration, when you are in complete universal flow, that is much more magnificent than Pomp and Circumstance.

The more I transform, the more peace I find in stillness. The more love I’m willing to give to myself and the world. The more joy I find in the present moment.

Our ego wants fireworks. It wants credibility. It wants recognition. Yet, our soul rising feels much more like a soft warm afternoon breeze. It’s light. Its fluid. It’s graceful.

I hope by sharing this reflection on my spiritual growth, you feel confident in just one thing: You are exactly where you need to be in this now moment. Celebrate it. Honor it. Send it love. Yet, don’t forget how entirely capable you are to make space for magic. The universe will not give you a pat on the back because you are already whole. You are already all that you’ve ever wanted to be.

Perhaps you just need to clean off your mirror to see it.

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You Have Arrived

Kelly Keefe shares a poem about embodying the magic to all that you are.



Photo Credit: Greg Rakozy

Sitting in a reflective state where I, where we all began.

Basking in the beauty of our origins.

Orion, Norma, Lynx, Lyra – just to name a few –

With us in each moment of time, looking over us. Guiding us.

Willing to comfort us if only we ae able to look outside of ourselves

If only we are able to look onward and upwards.

We are the stars. We are made of star dust.

We are the constant evidence that magic and miracles do exist.

You are magical.

You, my love, are a miracle.

You are the stars, the moon, the sun, and all that you see.

You are you, and you are me. And we are them.

Don’t you see?

Look up for the answer of where you come from.

Look up for the answer of where you will go.

Breathe and be where you are.

Where you’re supposed to be is right here. Right now.

You have arrived.

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