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Developing Your Intuition with a Pendulum

Interested in using a pendulum? Here’s how to connect with it and use it for your practice.



The use of the pendulum in divination can be traced back to over 5,000 years ago, becoming very popular in the middle ages. A pendulum is a free-hanging object that is connected to a string or chain used to divine answers from the spirit world. The pendulum has many other uses as well, it can assist in finding lost objects, opening, and closing chakra centers, and used as a tool to help cleanse and clear energy in your auric field.

In this article, you will learn how to connect with your pendulum and use it to hone in on clairaudience, otherwise known as clear hearing – your psychic hearing. A pendulum is not a living being like you and me, but everything (even inanimate objects) have their own energy you can connect to.

How to Begin with Your Pendulum

When you first get your pendulum (or make one) it’s important to fill your tool with your intent. When doing readings for yourself and others you’ll want honest yet accurate answers, and answers that help the soul to it’s highest evolution point. In order to do this, you can sit in a quiet space and bring yourself to your center. Allow yourself to focus on your breath, letting any thoughts or lingering energy to leave your energetic space.

Once you are clear and centered, hold your pendulum in the palm of your hands. Imagine light flowing down from the sky above, this light can be from the stars or from the sun, this is source’s light. It’s an all-knowing, all-loving energy that exists within all things. Channeling this light into your divination tools not only cleanses them but supercharges them with pure intent – directly from source. Imagine your pendulum glowing brighter and brighter until you have created a ball of light around your new divination tool.

Getting to Know Your Pendulum

After your pendulum is cleansed and charged you will want to get to know your pendulum. Place your elbows on a hard surface to sturdy your arms. Placing your arms on a sturdy and flat surface allows for less wobbly hands that cause the pendulum to sway. Now ask your pendulum “How will you say yes?” Close your eyes and breathe, and allow your pendulum to start to move.

Notice the direction it swings, does it go in a circle? Does it sway left to right? Is it moving in a clockwise direction or counterclockwise direction? Really pay attention to the way it moves, this undivided attention builds trust between you and your new tool. You may even write down what your pendulum shows you so you remember how it says yes for your future questions.

Next, you can ask your pendulum, “How will you say no?” Close your eyes again, and begin to breathe. Allow your pendulum to show you how it wants to communicate and connect with you. Releasing control, and trying to program the pendulum your way will allow you to better connect with this object. Think of your divination tools as a part of your team, and not just a “thing” and those tools will better serve you.

Over the next few days carry your pendulum with you. Carry it in your pocket or your purse. Just having it next to you will help your bond grow. Start off by asking it questions you already know the answer to, close your eyes and allow the pendulum to start to answer. As you notice your pendulums strength and connection getting stronger you can start to ask it questions you don’t know the answer to.

Have fun with these questions when you first start, you can ask anything! Try something as simple as “How many days will the pitcher of tea I made for my family last?” Then ask, “Will it last one day?” Allow your pendulum to answer if it says no you can move on and say “Will the pitcher of tea last for 2 days?” During this time you may hear bits of clairaudience or see visions. You might hear something strange like “It spills.” Or “The dog.” That would be spirit warning you that someone is going to spill the tea, or even that your loveable family pooch might knock it over! Trust everything you hear, and keep a notebook or journal near you to document your answers. Get creative with your practice, there is no limit to what you can ask your pendulum!

Connecting With Your Spirit Guide

You may even use a pendulum to connect with your spirit guide (which is usually what you are doing when using this) or loved ones in spirit. After all, we don’t know everything, so someone is right there giving us the answers! Remember to show gratitude and love for your spirit guide, and the guides around you for helping you as you develop. The relationship you have with spirit is everything, it’s like making new friends. You want to be nice and grateful towards the friends and family you love.

I’ll use my personal experience as an example of how I connected with my family in spirit with a pendulum. My father is in spirit so when I first started I asked: “Is my father with me?” My pendulum started to move in a yes direction and I heard a woman say “Yes!” The woman who answered was my spirit guide. At that moment I thought to myself, “I want to hear his voice.” Since spirit is telepathic, and intention is immediate I automatically heard him say “Angel, I’m here.” My name is Angela, and when I was born he called me his Angel. I remember his voice like it was yesterday and I knew my father was with me.

Anyone can use a pendulum, and anyone can open up to spirit communication. Using a pendulum for answers can help you in all aspects of your life. The answers you receive can help with situations in school, big financial decisions, and even help with self-development and your soul’s personal evolution. There is no limit to what you can learn and experience with a pendulum!

The best part of a pendulum? The simplicity! You can make your very own pendulum if you do not live near a local metaphysical shop. You can make them out of rings and ribbons, crystals and chains, or anything you want. I actually believe making your own is a better way to bond and connect with your pendulum because you were drawn to every material that constructed it.

Best of luck to everyone on their psychic and spiritual journey, and happy divining my friends!

Angela Lynn Brown is an Evidential Mediumship Development Guide, Reiki Master, and an accredited Hypnotherapist. She is a mother, a writer, a crafter, and lover of magick. She spends her time being engulfed in the essence of life experience itself; creating, dancing, gardening, and is always makes time to practice and perfect her craft.

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Exploring the Akashic Records with Josephine Hardman, PhD



Learn the origins of the Akashic Records with Josephine Hardman, PhD

Josephine Hardman is an intuitive healer, Akashic records teacher, and podcaster. She’s dedicated her life’s work to helping spiritual aspirants find their way, heal their past, and tune into their innate wisdom. She has an interesting life path story, I’m so excited to unpack the origins of her personal story, that I can hardly get out my prefixed question about her early childhood experience with religion and spirituality.

Josephine grew up in a deeply open and spiritual home, with parents who both nurtured and invited exploration into spirituality. She recounts hearing the shuffling of tarot cards from her fathers desk. He was a trained transcendental and mindfulness meditation practitioner. Her mother was a psychotherapist who expanded her practice to include spirituality, folding in energy work and yoga and the use of the Akashic records. In this progressive environment Josephine had free reign to explore and be curious, she was also a highly sensitive child.

These beginning steps are fascinating, as many of us who come to merge on the path of spirituality find ourselves undoing and unlearning strict Abrahamic roots or nothing at all. Our spiritual education starts later in life, and I can’t help but wonder as I’m listening to Josephine speak how this “head start” in spirituality helped her in own life. She first affirms, that being in this environment helped her as a highly sensitive and intuitive child, who both had the language and experience to understand the non-physical reality around us.

Josephine is erudite and spent many years in academia dedicating her life to education of others. She notes how she has carefully created courses for her students who want to learn the Akashic Records leaning on both the academic and spiritual learnings modalities of education to help each student fully integrate and retain what they learn. Her love of literature and language makes her an ideal teacher, finding all the right words and high notes to help the any seeker on their path of expansion and exploration.

As our conversation continues to unfold, Josephine discusses how growing up on the spiritual path at an early age, she too experienced how disorienting and unsettling the spiritual awakening process can be. She mentions how interacting with people and having them say one thing and their body language and internal energy contradict what she was sensing and feeling. As a child and one with sensitive and intuitive skills she wanted at times to escape this reality of feeling so intensely. From my perspective, of not having a head start and coming into contact with my intuition and innate wisdom later in life I understand this disorientation she speaks of and I can’t imagine how a child would navigate it. But she did and I instantly admire her life story more deeply in this moment when she honestly articulates the ebb and flow of her childhood.

As we fast forward into the interview, we arrive at Josephine giving the audience an overview of the inception of the Akashic Records, how they are access, utilized, and what they can teach us. She breaks down the benefits of accessing the records and gaining information about ourselves looking back in time and peering into our past life decisions and current ones can aide in breaking old patterns, internal blocks, and limiting beliefs. She uses an example from a recent session where a woman had inherited through her lineage (like many of us do) a conditioned response to “staying small” or “playing small.”  A common theme we see in our current society that asks women to be small, demure, and to not make too many waves or conflict. Using the records Josephine assessed that this trait was passed down to help keep ancestral and descendant women in her lineage safe and was a coping mechanism. Working with her client, together they honored her ancestors for instilling this as a means of protection and breaking the cycle through this client, thus liberating her lineage backward in time and forward. .


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Divine Feminine

Accessing Your Highest Self Through Tarot with Margaux Jones

Margaux Jones teaches us that tarot is a way for us to access our highest self.



Margaux Jones in her studio creating beautiful art.

Margaux Jones, better known as MJ is an artist, creative, writer, and mother. Her tarot cards have seen a huge success globally, but like many of us her story begins off the path and away from her purpose.

In our interview MJ talks about how she has been artistic since she was a small girl, recounting a story of selling her art work in South Boston at the age of five and later in life attending Parsons School of Design. Her life led her to getting a job working in a software company in Seattle, all the while MJ continued to dream of a full time creative life that afforded all the simple luxuries of walking her child to school, working from home, and creating art work that uplifted the collective.

Tapping into her artistic gifts she began creating jewelry that found a space in heart of Seattle’s communities and she was able to transition to this work full time. Then she hit a snag, life tipped the tables upside down and her jewelry business began to wane. She encountered a handful of other personal set backs and challenges and was beginning to believe that her spirit guides had gone off on vacation, as she jokingly says in our interview.

MJ states: “The best art we make comes through difficulty, it’s how we express ourselves.”  Calling on Source and her Guides MJ sent a beacon to them to return, because she needed them, she needed help and she needed reconnect with inspiration. In the midst of that signal to the Universe the vision for her Crow Tarot deck hit her consciousness and she began working on creating what would become a global phenomenon and widely heralded deck, even winning the prestigious CARTA Award from the International Tarot Foundation in 2019. MJ says this moment was pivotal, “Crow Tarot was life changing. ” MJ was offered a major deal through a gaming company to produce the full deck of Crow Tarot to meet the demands of its popularity. She has produced six decks since the Crow Tarot came to market.

Her work is solely focused on creating tarot and oracle decks that are masterfully created through her artistic and intuitive process. MJ shares her process for creating a deck, card by card. She discusses setting out into nature, with a card in mind looking to connect with that cards specific energy and intention. Finding inspiration in the wild she begins to collect ideas from mother nature, curating the perfect card. Once she has pulled the image together, she then begins to think about the person who may be holding the card, looking for wisdom and direction in their life. She taps into that energy, carefully writing the guidance and words that will align the aspirant.

MJ says that when we work with tarot, we are working with our highest self. That we are reaching into the ether, compassionately holding ourselves along our journey and accessing our highest self to help us find the guidance and wisdom we need to change course. Like a loving friend, who finds just the right combination of words and sympathy, tarot gently teaches you how to change, evolve, and move forward without fear. We can trust tarot, if we trust ourselves.

MJ’s North Star remains art and her soul purpose is to create tarot cards that uplift, inspire, and guide the collective to their highest self.


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Intuitive Secret – Move It!

Intuitive Counselor Marie Christine shares why movement is crucial for your spiritual health.



Photo Credit: Chermiti Mohamed

It’s no secret that exercise has tremendous benefits for our physical, emotional, and mental health. But did you know this is also true for our spiritual health? Exercise helps “loosen” your spiritual body so you can become more open and receptive. Often, intuitive information will become conscious when the physical body moves, especially if one is relaxed.

Since we are both equally human and spiritual beings, we need to be fully present in each part to receive the maximum benefit of being alive. Too much in our spiritual selves or physical selves causes an imbalance and has drawbacks, such as overthinking or apathy. To hear higher guidance from our spiritual self, paradoxically, we need to be deeply grounded in our human bodies.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to become grounded and fully present in the physical body is to move it intentionally. Exercise, or any repetitive and steady movement, will ground your spirit into your body and to the earth. Grounding is vital to hearing any intuitive information, including that which comes from your higher self.

Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t need to mean a daily 30-minute cardio workout at a gym. It can be gardening, going for a walk, or anything that gets your body moving.

Exercising outdoors is especially useful in grounding your spirit and body to the physical world. Since you are innately connected to the natural environment, exercising outside in pleasant areas will naturally relax your body’s nervous system.

A relaxed nervous system is crucial for hearing intuitive information. If the nervous system is highly active, your internal environment will be very noisy. Information coming from the higher self is quiet, so having a rested nervous system will foster a space within you to hear its intuitive guidance.

If you don’t live in a place with a lot of natural outdoor beauty, put on some relaxing music in headphones and go for a walk. Do what you can to create a peaceful inner environment as you move around and, as always, set your intention high, that you only want intuitive information coming from your higher self.

If moving around is something you can’t do, try taking a long bath or sit next to a body of water. Make the environment pleasant by lighting a candle or fresh flowers. Move what you can, like your hands in the water intentionally, and listen. Water is a powerful current for intuitive information. You may be surprised how much intuitive guidance will come through in these relaxing settings.

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