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Intuitive Secret – Move It!

Intuitive Counselor Marie Christine shares why movement is crucial for your spiritual health.



Photo Credit: Chermiti Mohamed

It’s no secret that exercise has tremendous benefits for our physical, emotional, and mental health. But did you know this is also true for our spiritual health? Exercise helps “loosen” your spiritual body so you can become more open and receptive. Often, intuitive information will become conscious when the physical body moves, especially if one is relaxed.

Since we are both equally human and spiritual beings, we need to be fully present in each part to receive the maximum benefit of being alive. Too much in our spiritual selves or physical selves causes an imbalance and has drawbacks, such as overthinking or apathy. To hear higher guidance from our spiritual self, paradoxically, we need to be deeply grounded in our human bodies.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to become grounded and fully present in the physical body is to move it intentionally. Exercise, or any repetitive and steady movement, will ground your spirit into your body and to the earth. Grounding is vital to hearing any intuitive information, including that which comes from your higher self.

Keep in mind that exercise doesn’t need to mean a daily 30-minute cardio workout at a gym. It can be gardening, going for a walk, or anything that gets your body moving.

Exercising outdoors is especially useful in grounding your spirit and body to the physical world. Since you are innately connected to the natural environment, exercising outside in pleasant areas will naturally relax your body’s nervous system.

A relaxed nervous system is crucial for hearing intuitive information. If the nervous system is highly active, your internal environment will be very noisy. Information coming from the higher self is quiet, so having a rested nervous system will foster a space within you to hear its intuitive guidance.

If you don’t live in a place with a lot of natural outdoor beauty, put on some relaxing music in headphones and go for a walk. Do what you can to create a peaceful inner environment as you move around and, as always, set your intention high, that you only want intuitive information coming from your higher self.

If moving around is something you can’t do, try taking a long bath or sit next to a body of water. Make the environment pleasant by lighting a candle or fresh flowers. Move what you can, like your hands in the water intentionally, and listen. Water is a powerful current for intuitive information. You may be surprised how much intuitive guidance will come through in these relaxing settings.

Marie Christine, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, is an Intuitive Counselor and Educator in Hawaii. With over ten years of experience as a practicing intuitive, she provides compassionate, supportive, and straightforward answers to your life questions by tuning into your intuitive realm and listening for your unique and invaluable inner wisdom. Marie's informative Intuition Blog shows clear guidelines and step-by-step approaches on how to hear your intuition for everyday guidance and support. Please visit Marie's website at to connect with her and learn more.


Embracing the Positive Side with Jeremy Todd

Jeremy Todd on choosing the positive of side of perspective in all things.



Jeremy Todd is an author and podcaster, who has turned his life experiences into something useful for the collective. He’s moved from victim to victor in a few short years after realizing that he didn’t want to continue to make excuses or blame external variables for the obstacles he had come up against in his life. He wanted to live empowered and in a frame of mind that was positive, without bypassing. Upbeat without ignoring the reality of what has happened or what could happened.

He began rewiring his mind to become more resilient, more solutions based then problem heavy. He realized that he had something to say and even though he faced real hardship from his past and current situation. He was determined to find a way to grow while dealing with his past and current situations that were less than ideal.

He wrote The Positive Side: How I Overcame Bullying, Bankruptcy, and a Bad Attitude and Found My True Identity and in our interview he talks about being bullied in his youth because of his height and boisterous personality. He shares how underneath his big bright personality he was hurting, and he couldn’t tell anyone about sexual abuse he had incurred as well. He found the courage to write about all of it in his book and let his past see the light of day and show people how he emerged from this adversity to become more aligned, honest, and authentic. To show people there’s another way out of the darkness when bad things happen to us.

He’s spent the last five years of his life, hosting his podcast of the same name and in our interview he talks about embracing a positive perspective in life and how his growth and evolution didn’t always sync up with the people in his ecosystem. Many of us on the path of spiritual awakening and personal development experience this, the growth pains of shedding our old identities, mastering the ego, seeing the world for what is, and general waking up to a new reality that is divorced from societal, religious, and familial conditioning and traditions. Jeremy says that when he started changing, people began to push back on his evolution and eventually some people in his inner circle had to be exited.

This is a tough thing to do, to compassionately choose our change over the discomfort of others. To move away from the safety of old friends, co-workers, family members, and acquaintances that once “knew” us and say “I’m not that person anymore…” and in order to continue the deep work of growth and becoming leave some people behind. But Jeremy did exactly that. He’s found peace and a new found perspective.

We also talked about spiritual bypassing, which is a real epidemic in the spiritual industry. Often times positivity can be replaced with bypass and it is important to be able to face the displeasure of the moment, crisis, or pain without turning away or offering in exchange a fluffy quip like “everything happens for a reason” then quickly moving past the real struggle that is occurring for a person in that moment. Jeremy gives a beautiful and vulnerable example of how he is doing this in his life, having been separated from his wife for three years they are turning the page and beginning again to reboot their relationships on new terms. Jeremy says he’s going into this new life change with his eyes and heart open but mindful that there is work to be done. That the relationship still requires repair, recalibration, and tenderness to become what they both collective wish it to be.  He is going into this new chapter of his life, with a positive attitude and envisioning the best outcome for all involved and he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work, to do the work.

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Conscious Parenting

I Am Healing My Inner Child with Dr. Rachel Greenberg

Dr. Rachel Greenberg shares why inner child healing is one of the most potent explorations of our spiritual path.



I AM Series is an Instagram Live series that highlights wisdom and insight for your now moments.

I Am Healing My Inner Child with Dr. Rachel Greenberg

Dr. Rachel Greenberg (@heydrrachel) dives into inner child healing and shares:

✨ What in your child healing is
✨ Why inner child healing is so potent for our spiritual expansion
✨ how to begin inner child healing
✨ Myths and misconceptions about self-healing work

About Dr. Rachel

Dr. Rachel Greenberg is a licensed Clinical Psychologist offering seekers from all over the world empowerment practices inspired by various psychological and spiritual traditions. She uses an amalgam of psychological, somatic, and emotionally-oriented practices for skillful living. Her passion is to support the healing and transformation process and to be a guide towards awakening authentic potential and expression. She guides awakening womxn to radically actualize an aligned life and cultivate the art of embodiment, empowered creation, & deep relating.
The Numinous Path is her Psycho-Spiritual Institute for Whole Self Healing & Transformation. The Numinous Path’s featured program is HEALING BACK TO WHOLENESS, an immersive life-changing journey that helps awakening womxn forge friendship with limiting beliefs, heal their history, transcend their patterns & create their desired future.

You can learn more about Dr. Rachel at or @heydrrachel on IG.

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The Divine Energies

Natalia Santos shares a poem about leaning into Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.



Imaged Sourced from Canva

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine

The essence of divine energies,

Allow yourself to feel the energies, allow yourself to be.

Do not tin the energetic energies. Do not judge them, let them be.

Explore and understand the flows and stillness of femininity.

Exercise and explore the actions of masculinity. Allow them to merge, grow together, blend and infuse.

Be the creator spirit that you desire to be.

Pour yourself that glass of tea,

Watch how it pours into your glass. The flow of the feminine. The cup of the masculine.

The watery trickle of imagination, daydreams, and creativity.

To the grounding of the cup which hits the root. Ravaging roots circling into the ground.

We watch in awe. As they work together.

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