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Embracing the Positive Side with Jeremy Todd

Jeremy Todd on choosing the positive of side of perspective in all things.



Jeremy Todd is an author and podcaster, who has turned his life experiences into something useful for the collective. He’s moved from victim to victor in a few short years after realizing that he didn’t want to continue to make excuses or blame external variables for the obstacles he had come up against in his life. He wanted to live empowered and in a frame of mind that was positive, without bypassing. Upbeat without ignoring the reality of what has happened or what could happened.

He began rewiring his mind to become more resilient, more solutions based then problem heavy. He realized that he had something to say and even though he faced real hardship from his past and current situation. He was determined to find a way to grow while dealing with his past and current situations that were less than ideal.

He wrote The Positive Side: How I Overcame Bullying, Bankruptcy, and a Bad Attitude and Found My True Identity and in our interview he talks about being bullied in his youth because of his height and boisterous personality. He shares how underneath his big bright personality he was hurting, and he couldn’t tell anyone about sexual abuse he had incurred as well. He found the courage to write about all of it in his book and let his past see the light of day and show people how he emerged from this adversity to become more aligned, honest, and authentic. To show people there’s another way out of the darkness when bad things happen to us.

He’s spent the last five years of his life, hosting his podcast of the same name and in our interview he talks about embracing a positive perspective in life and how his growth and evolution didn’t always sync up with the people in his ecosystem. Many of us on the path of spiritual awakening and personal development experience this, the growth pains of shedding our old identities, mastering the ego, seeing the world for what is, and general waking up to a new reality that is divorced from societal, religious, and familial conditioning and traditions. Jeremy says that when he started changing, people began to push back on his evolution and eventually some people in his inner circle had to be exited.

This is a tough thing to do, to compassionately choose our change over the discomfort of others. To move away from the safety of old friends, co-workers, family members, and acquaintances that once “knew” us and say “I’m not that person anymore…” and in order to continue the deep work of growth and becoming leave some people behind. But Jeremy did exactly that. He’s found peace and a new found perspective.

We also talked about spiritual bypassing, which is a real epidemic in the spiritual industry. Often times positivity can be replaced with bypass and it is important to be able to face the displeasure of the moment, crisis, or pain without turning away or offering in exchange a fluffy quip like “everything happens for a reason” then quickly moving past the real struggle that is occurring for a person in that moment. Jeremy gives a beautiful and vulnerable example of how he is doing this in his life, having been separated from his wife for three years they are turning the page and beginning again to reboot their relationships on new terms. Jeremy says he’s going into this new life change with his eyes and heart open but mindful that there is work to be done. That the relationship still requires repair, recalibration, and tenderness to become what they both collective wish it to be.  He is going into this new chapter of his life, with a positive attitude and envisioning the best outcome for all involved and he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work, to do the work.

Krista Xiomara is a writer, podcast host, healer, religious wounding and trauma expert, and co-founder of House of Enlightenedhood. She is a practicing Buddhist and incorporates wisdom from both Eastern and Western religions, philosophies, and spirituality.

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No. 4: Learning to Trust the Universe

Leena Lemos explores the practice of unwavering trust and surrender.



The Spiritual Anthropologist is a raw, humorous, and inquisitive weekly column by Leena Lemos that explores the dance between the human experience and the spiritual being.

Another universal lesson smacked me in the face today. I finally recognized a pattern that I assume many of us go through, so let’s dissect together, shall we?

In the past few months, I’ve traveled through massive transformations, which of course, in the duality of the universe, means there have been light moments of clarity/euphoria and dark moments of sorrow/hopeless.

Isn’t the fluid rollercoaster of growth so…fun?

Within this period of expansion, I can recall two instances where I completely lost my faith in the universe.

I cracked. I broke down (cue the ugly cry). I spiraled into a web of anxious worst-case scenario thoughts and negative self-talk.

Just as I found myself on my knees in complete defeat, the universe reminded me (within minutes) that these moments of anguish were manifested by my own fear-based narrative.

My pattern? I suffered (at my own expense) because I stopped trusting.

With this realization now in my awareness, it’s clear the past few weeks and the foreseeable future, are the macro version of this lesson of “trust.” Yet the difference? I’m able to consciously experience this sacred lesson in real time.

Will I stay grounded or will I let fear win?

Only time will tell, but I’m rooting for human Leena remember how divinely supported she is.

If you’re on this path, you are bound to experience a similar lesson, because…newsflash! We are ALL being called to step into our fullest expression; a version of us that effortlessly floats with the present moment. And while empowering in theory, this reclamation of self causes a great deal of turbulence in our physical reality as it shifts in accordance with our vibrational state.

You want me to go with THIS flow, Universe? THIS one? You’re joking. Right? Hello? Why is this happening to meee?

The intense energy that surges as we transmute lower frequencies can cause a plethora of things to go “wrong,” making life feel like an unwelcomed shit storm that just keeps kicking you while you’re down. But in reality? Chaos often occurs during times of rapid metamorphosis. The dark is releasing to hold more light. So you can shine.

You did call upon the universe to help you grow, didn’t you? Embrace it.

I know, I know, easier said than done because…let’s be real. Cultivating the unconditional trust that everything will work out for our highest good? It is no small fucking feat.

As humans, we’re meant to feel our emotions, but when we attach to them, we risk awakening our inner mammal who operates in perpetual fight or flight mode.

While in the midst of this lesson, I’m discovering if we don’t consistently take the time to strengthen our relationship with the universe, our survival instincts will make an entrance when in emotional overdrive, disconnecting us from our higher consciousness.

I’m also learning that its the constant practice of surrender that lessens the chances of falling down the rabbit hole into self-sabotage. Why? Because we begin to gather evidence that the universe always conspires in our favor.

As we collect more nuggets to put into our “This is Happening FOR Me” basket, we gain the strength to endure the dark and uncomfortable chapters. As we add items to the “Universe Has My Back and (Sometimes) Does My Dirty Laundry” List, the longer we can withstand life’s less favorable chapters.

It’s true. Putting our trust into something we can’t tangibly see or touch, doesn’t feel natural. Our ego wants control.

But is it the faith we need, the magical secret in our back pocket, the tiny propeller in the molasses, when it feels like our human life is in shambles?


That’s why this time I’m going to choose differently.

And dive heart first into the unknown.

See you on the otherside.

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Founders of The Indigo Sanctuary Pam Urbas and Andy Duchovany on Supporting the Collective

Finding our sanctuary with the Founders of The Indigo Sanctuary



Pam Urbas and Andy Duchovnay

Pam Urbas and Andy Duchovany have been spiritual entrepreneurs long before spiritual entrepreneurs was a thing. They’ve spent the majority of their life quietly saving the planet, teaching yoga, educating the world on the environment, and building an ethical business that sources rocks and spiritual healing tools from around the world. They both have a relaxed and kind aura about them, as I watch them situate themselves over Zoom. They are living their practice and purpose, it’s obvious to me even before we begin the interview.

Both Pam and Andy come from Jewish lineages.  Pam’s parents were Holocaust survivors and I can never hear this without feeling a deep well of pain for our Jewish brothers and sisters who suffered this unspeakable atrocity. I encourage you to take a moment and few deep breaths to remember everyone who was lost and silently offer a moment of reverence and remembrance to them.

Pam is dedicated to the health and wellness of the body, along with the soul, mind and planet. She learned early on about nutrition and cooking with whole foods, leaving out sugars and fats from her mother. She is passionate about holistic health and wellness, and early on became a yoga teacher. As a runner, she started her own yoga home practice to help her body rebound from the stress of running and the wear and tear it takes on the body. She began working with the elderly and then runners too, in a home yoga practice capacity.

During this time Andy, who was a lawyer began working with a third party organization the represented organic food producers and Andy began advocating for hundreds of organic farmers around the world. Andy was instrumental in creating and helping pass federal regulations related to organic foods. Andy then spent the last part of his career working for the Environmental Protection Agency, working to protect and save our planet.

In parallel they began to build The Indigo Sanctuary with the express mission of supporting and empowering others through their individual spiritual journeys. Pam and Andy have many titles now: Rockhounds, Lapidary Artists, Sound Healers, Yoga Teachers, and Philanthropists. The Indigo Sanctuary is a online educational and  service driven business for the collective. Andy and Pam love educating spiritual seekers on how to use sound bowls, how to work with certain gemstones, the science of sound healing, and understanding the energetic centers of the body.

In our interview they discuss the care and intention they take in collecting stones for their business. They share insights about tuning into the energy of the stone, understanding it’s own evolutionary story and tumbling stones in their lapidary workshop. They are gracious with their teachings and desire in supporting the collective. If you purchase one of their sound bowls, they will help you learn how to use it and connect with you over Zoom to walk you through gently, step by step in creating your own internal sound healing.

They also support two young girls in Nepal through their scholarship program, which Andy says “it is important that we educate women and move away from oppressive patriarchal structures that keep our girls uneducated.” We couldn’t agree more!

They are incredibly mindful when collecting natural resources from Earth. Their approach is ethical, sustainable, honest and transparent. They want to make sure that they do their part to keep our world in balance while supporting the collective through natural Earth resources that enhance the practices of seekers like you and me.

What they want you to know most, is that it important for each person to have their own sacred sanctuary, filled with stones, sound bowls, self-education, spiritual practices, yoga and meditation tools, and the intention to go inward and heal.

When we do this, we balance ourselves and the world around us. We do our part to show up in our wholeness, invested in humanity and our Earth–which is the ultimate sanctuary.


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The Four Elements: Core Curriculum for Understanding the Self with Debra Silverman

You can build a harmonious relationship with yourself by understanding your elemental composition.



Debra Silverman

As a spiritual aspirant part way through my own journey I realized there was an overlap of healing and self-understanding that was happening in parallel to my unlearning and unbecoming. Its a curious thing how every spiritual seeker finds the same set of books, retreats, teachers, and guides along our journey to help with our rebirth. Enter Debra Silverman, psychologist and astrologer who has spent her life (as she describes in the interview) helping people fall in love with themselves, their life, and each other.

Debra wrote The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition. This book opens up with a warning alarm, reverberating through the dense fog of humanity asking us to “Wake Up!” The earth is in crisis, humanity is in crisis and Debra reminds the reader that we are both the problem and the solution. For anyone invested in self development, part of our work here is to understand our elemental composition, cultivate each one, and find solutions to bring the ourselves and the world back into alignment and harmony–as best we can, all things considered.

What are the Four Elements?

Water, Air, Earth, and Fire.

In our interview Debra breaks down the different characteristics of each element, their positive and negative manifestations and how most of us have one element that is not as dominant as the other three.

Apparently I have almost no fire, which was really surprising to me as a Latina. This is partly because I’ve been conditioned to believe all Latina’s are born super spicy and culture lore tells us we salsa straight out of our mother’s womb with a bad attitude and confidence for days. I do love to salsa, but if I’m being honest with myself I do have a strong inclination for the softness of peaceful environments (earth), the silence of my own company–writing and creating (air), and the warmth of the Earth beneath my feet at the ocean (water) healing and feeling, instead of at some night club, dancing (fire) the night away.

It is clear that my missing element is fire and armed with this knowledge I can find ways cultivate the element of fire that feels authentic to my core personality traits (without making unnecessary drama as Debra says fire can sometimes do) and bring myself into a balance.

Her book is also a means for moving ourselves from a victimized state of being into an empowered position, where we accept that we decided to incarnate here, in this world, as this person, with this family, this personality, and these life experiences.

Debra says “it’s a volunteer position.” Once we accept that, it opens us up to the possibility that maybe everything that has occurred to us is useful, inspiring, and exactly what we needed in order to evolve and awaken.

As an astrologist, Debra talks about how reading and digesting our natal charts gives us tools and information to understand ourselves better, so that we can interact kindly with ourselves and not try to squelch our shadow sides or the things that make us quirky and unique. Gaining this level of self-understanding is paramount to living harmoniously with ourselves, from a place of deep acceptance so that you can fall in love with yourself.

But more importantly; Debra says, when you gain understanding of your chart, you can look around your ecosystem and create compassionate understanding for the people in your life, by seeing them with a fresh set of eyes and an open heart to love and accept them as they are.


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