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Is Social Media Hurting Your Spiritual Growth? with Jenelle Glenn

Founder of Stay Mused Jenelle Glenn explores the negative effects of social media on our wellbeing.



Photo Credit: Vladimir Fedotov

A spiritual path comes with a lot of questions and an ache for like-minded souls. Enter social media, which’s given us the ability to connect with others from all around the world, but at what cost?

On this episode of Enlightenedhood, Jenelle Glenn is back to hash out all of the ways social media is negatively affecting our mental health, self-awareness, connection, and spiritual growth. Leena and Jenelle took a real look at the business of a platform like Instagram and how we’ve become the product of a system that depends on our lack of worth and empowerment.

Leena and Jenelle also discuss how our habits on social media have hindered our ability to be truly present in our human experience, which when you zoom out of our every day on a grander scale, seems kind of silly.

Is it time to set a new standard for how we consume social media and “show up” on the Internet? What do you think?


Jenelle B. Glenn is a 500 hour registered yoga teacher, on-air personality, motivational speaker, vegan and author of a children’s book on eco-friendly living. She is a podcast host and founder of, a platform where freelancers post workshops for those hungry hearts seeking a bit of guidance. She is a mother who loves to run, read and go thrifting. You can find her at @jenellebglenn on IG or leading yoga classes on

Leena Lemos is the Founder of House of Enlightenedhood, author, podcaster, and speaker. As a leading millennial voice in spirituality, Leena is on a mission to disrupt the current spiritual paradigm to make spirituality more accessible to every soul on this planet.

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Conscious Parenting

Owning Your Narrative with Kristine McGlinchey-Yap

Author Kristine McGlinchey-Yap discusses using the power of intention to reconnect with your spirit.



Leena discusses the power of intention and words with author Kristine McGlinchey-Yap and questions whether they are a potent yet overlooked tool for our spiritual practice. Kristine reminds us that sometimes the most simple practices are the ones that will truly help us grow.

Kristine is also sharing the inspiration behind her book, Momtras: Mantras For Mindful Moms, and how motherhood awakened her to the disconnection from her mind, body, and soul.


Kristine McGlinchey-Yap is an author, conscious communicator and the mindful momma behind OM Mommas, a community dedicated to conscious parenting. With over a decade of experience in corporate communications, she has transitioned her leadership skills into providing women with guidance into stepping into their journey to motherhood. With loyal advocacy she supports and encourages women to claim their power and own their motherhood experience by making choices that align with their mind, body and spirit. She believes women have the potential to birth a more loving world when they become more caring, empowered and conscious themselves. Her first book “Momtras: Mantras For Mindful Moms” is available on Amazon.

For resources and more information, please visit Join the community on Facebook and Instagram at @OMMommas.

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Claiming Your Light with Angela Moore

Spiritual Educator Angela Moore shares how to claim your light despite the trials and tribulations of your awakening.



Leena sits down with Wisdom Circle Facilitator and Spiritual Educator Angela Moore to discuss what it means to claim your light on a spiritual path that forces you to trust fall into the unknown with the universe. Angela also shares what it means to “hold space” for others and why being seen in this type of sacred container is so important for our expansion.

In this episode, Angela shares how her lifestyle as a restaurant owner with an unplanned twin pregnancy forced her to turn inward to her inner light. Over the last decade, she was able to pick herself up through a trying pregnancy, single parenthood, and answer a calling to hold space for others to help them claim their own light.

Angela also shares about her wisdom circles and why holding sacred space for others to be seen is such an important part of the spiritual path.

Catch the episode below!


Angela is a former restaurant owner, and tech manager turned spiritual writer and educator living in a small mountain town in British Columbia, Canada. She hosts Wisdom Circles as an accredited Global Sisterhood facilitator through her company, Inward Rising ( She leads womxm in virtual gatherings through mediation, rituals, and curated experiences so they can re-connect to their innate wisdom and rise from the inside out.

IG: @inwardrise

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The Endless Wisdom of the Akashic Records with Laura Byrne

Angel Guide Laura Byrne demystifies the Akashic Records and how they play a role in our healing and expansion.



What if there was a place you could visit to understand the infiniteness of your soul and how all of your lifetimes are woven into the larger fabric of the universe? The good news is, there is! And it’s called the Akashic Records.

Interest in the Akashic Records has skyrocketed in the spiritual community over the last decade, and Leena Lemos is sitting down with Angel Guide Laura Byrne to demystify the Records and get a better grasp on all that they have to offer for our soul remembering, spiritual gift development, and self-healing.

In this episode, Laura breaks down:

    • What the Records are
    • How to access the Records
    • How your records are unique to you and your soul
    • What you can discover about yourself in the records
    • What can you discover about other people, places, animals, and things in the Records
    • The sacred rules and practices for using the Records
    • Myths about what the Records are and are not
    • And so much more

Listen to the episode below and be sure to check out Laura’s new book and work if you feel called.


Laura was always very empathic and sensitive as a child. She had a spiritual awakening in her late 20’s. It happened after the birth of her son when she began seeing those who had passed, Angels, and everything in-between. Laura found a mentor in the U.K.and studied with him to learn all about astral travel, remote viewing, energy work, and deeper spiritual truths. After seeing the angels around for a while, Laura also began training in the heavenly realms with Archangel Gabriel, Michael, Chamuel, Uriel, and Jophiel among many others, going to their schools of growth at night. The archangels taught Laura, using Angel energy, work to protect and guide people.

When Laura started hearing about the Akashic records in spiritual circles she was intrigued and started learning and training. When the Archangels started to appear in Laura’s readings, this leads to creating her invocation and way of connecting with them in the Akashic Records. Through all of her experiences and wisdom Laura developed the Angelic Akashic Records program to share what she’s learned with others. 

Buy Laura’s Book, Angelic Akashic Records Here | Book a Session with Laura

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