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Divine Feminine


Restoring the truth of Mary Magdalene, we set free the daughters of her female lineage.



Photo by Krista Xiomara of Mary Magdalene Statue in Mission of Santa Barbara, CA

The image of this statue is a snap shot in time of a very famous Abrahamic moment before Christianity was Christ led. It sits in the chapel of the Mission of Santa Barbara. It is my very favorite.

The Magda represents something very different to me now, then she did in my youth. If you listen to my podcast you know that I spent years on my own spiritual expedition—mining for truth, historical facts, seeking to understand how we have come to believe what we believe, and a great deal of unlearning and unbecoming.

After following threads of truth and light, I found myself at the feet of The Magda’s origin story from the lens of historical fact instead of religious lore. Shuffling through pages of her gospel and the robust work of scholars and anthropologists who have diligently reconstructed her life.

In my expedition, I found a very loose and weakly worn thread tied to a shared story of who and what The Magda was.

You see Pope Gregory, who held the post of St. Peter’s chair during the middle of the 5th century most famously made a doubly deductive leap to infer The Magda was a woman of improper sexual behavior, known to many—during his 23rd homily.

Giving her a reputation that tainted her for thousands of years and when you taint one woman…

You taint us all.

This pivot point in Christianity for many young girls becomes both a cautionary tale AND a defining moment—where we begin to solidify our separation of self. From our femininity, our bodies, our desires, and our truth.  We are violently pushed into purity, whether we want to  comply or not.

It is an unspoken rite of passage where our religious institutions teach us how to judge ourselves and other women, consciously, unconsciously, and with fierce bias. We become suspicious and untrusting of ourselves.

We learn that God loves us most if we remain untouched and virginal in a world full of temptation and men who won’t take “no” for an answer.

And of course this moment is amplified by the pivot point: Eve in the garden (naked and desire-less I’m sure) who just couldn’t behave herself—ate an apple and doomed humanity with a crunch heard around the world (which mostly likely was a pomegranate {now that we know the perceived geographical location of Eden}).

Little lies, big lies, omissions, embellishments, and fabrications…these are the things that continue to suffocate humanity. First the pomegranate, then The Magda.

How strange no men in Abrahamic history ever needed redemption nor exorcism from their sexual encounters or their entire species fettered to an unflattering norm and unattainable expectation. Food for thought after all this talk about apples and pomegranates. All this truth makes me hungry.

The Magda had her reputation partially returned to its wholeness when in the 1960’s the Catholic Church recanted this damning interpretation.

However, the fullness of her restoration remains at humanities edge because the lie is allowed to be perpetuated through shared story telling and lack of course correction when the subject arises.

Her gospel was discovered in Egypt in 1896, being burned to keep a family warm nonetheless and almost went completely unearthed. What a miracle to have found it. I bet The Magda was dancing in the heavens that day.

I would consider her gospel to be the very most compelling and significant evidence that we are equal parts human and divine. That God is not only around us, but IS us.

In her gospel she shares with the twelve male disciples that Christ has shown her the source of God; found in the very breath that keeps our soul tethered to this human body. That if we want to align our very being with God all we must do is breathe and we touch the heart of God. Heart to heart.

We are never, nor have we ever been separated from the divine.

Wherever this l finds you, promise me this:

First, to tell the truth to yourself and the world around you.

Secondly, that you will remember The Magda was indeed a human being, most beloved by Christ. She was a deeply holy and spiritual person. She was NOT a woman of ill repute. There can be no such thing, without an equal and responsible male of ill repute and I for one, refuse to sentence any of my brothers and sisters to a prison of judgment. Instead choosing to hold them both in the light of love and highest esteem of their divinity and humanity.

Lastly, when we restore The Magda; we restore the entirety of her female lineage and resurrect the sacredness of our shared birthplace, in the womb of our women.

Krista Xiomara is a writer, podcast host, healer, religious wounding and trauma expert, and co-founder of House of Enlightenedhood. She is a practicing Buddhist and incorporates wisdom from both Eastern and Western religions, philosophies, and spirituality.

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Divine Feminine

Accessing Your Highest Self Through Tarot with Margaux Jones

Margaux Jones teaches us that tarot is a way for us to access our highest self.



Margaux Jones in her studio creating beautiful art.

Margaux Jones, better known as MJ is an artist, creative, writer, and mother. Her tarot cards have seen a huge success globally, but like many of us her story begins off the path and away from her purpose.

In our interview MJ talks about how she has been artistic since she was a small girl, recounting a story of selling her art work in South Boston at the age of five and later in life attending Parsons School of Design. Her life led her to getting a job working in a software company in Seattle, all the while MJ continued to dream of a full time creative life that afforded all the simple luxuries of walking her child to school, working from home, and creating art work that uplifted the collective.

Tapping into her artistic gifts she began creating jewelry that found a space in heart of Seattle’s communities and she was able to transition to this work full time. Then she hit a snag, life tipped the tables upside down and her jewelry business began to wane. She encountered a handful of other personal set backs and challenges and was beginning to believe that her spirit guides had gone off on vacation, as she jokingly says in our interview.

MJ states: “The best art we make comes through difficulty, it’s how we express ourselves.”  Calling on Source and her Guides MJ sent a beacon to them to return, because she needed them, she needed help and she needed reconnect with inspiration. In the midst of that signal to the Universe the vision for her Crow Tarot deck hit her consciousness and she began working on creating what would become a global phenomenon and widely heralded deck, even winning the prestigious CARTA Award from the International Tarot Foundation in 2019. MJ says this moment was pivotal, “Crow Tarot was life changing. ” MJ was offered a major deal through a gaming company to produce the full deck of Crow Tarot to meet the demands of its popularity. She has produced six decks since the Crow Tarot came to market.

Her work is solely focused on creating tarot and oracle decks that are masterfully created through her artistic and intuitive process. MJ shares her process for creating a deck, card by card. She discusses setting out into nature, with a card in mind looking to connect with that cards specific energy and intention. Finding inspiration in the wild she begins to collect ideas from mother nature, curating the perfect card. Once she has pulled the image together, she then begins to think about the person who may be holding the card, looking for wisdom and direction in their life. She taps into that energy, carefully writing the guidance and words that will align the aspirant.

MJ says that when we work with tarot, we are working with our highest self. That we are reaching into the ether, compassionately holding ourselves along our journey and accessing our highest self to help us find the guidance and wisdom we need to change course. Like a loving friend, who finds just the right combination of words and sympathy, tarot gently teaches you how to change, evolve, and move forward without fear. We can trust tarot, if we trust ourselves.

MJ’s North Star remains art and her soul purpose is to create tarot cards that uplift, inspire, and guide the collective to their highest self.


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The Divine Energies

Natalia Santos shares a poem about leaning into Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.



Imaged Sourced from Canva

Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine

The essence of divine energies,

Allow yourself to feel the energies, allow yourself to be.

Do not tin the energetic energies. Do not judge them, let them be.

Explore and understand the flows and stillness of femininity.

Exercise and explore the actions of masculinity. Allow them to merge, grow together, blend and infuse.

Be the creator spirit that you desire to be.

Pour yourself that glass of tea,

Watch how it pours into your glass. The flow of the feminine. The cup of the masculine.

The watery trickle of imagination, daydreams, and creativity.

To the grounding of the cup which hits the root. Ravaging roots circling into the ground.

We watch in awe. As they work together.

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How to Embody Divine Feminine Archetypes with Courtney Tiffany

Author Courtney Tiffany shares how to embody archetypes of the Divine Feminine to help you heal and grow spiritually.



Adobe Stock

Our Divine Feminine energy can be so potent in our spiritual path because of the way it invites us to ebb and flow, literally awakening life force energy within. Yet, as such an integral part of our energetic makeup, opening ourselves up to the Divine Feminine can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Fortunately, we have beautiful souls to guide us through this sacred energy. I sat down with Author and Modern Priestess Courtney Tiffany to discuss her work with archetypes of the Divine Feminine and how embodiment of those specific archetypes can help us self-heal and grow spiritually. We also chatted about it on Instagram Live recently, and you can watch that here.

1.Tell me about your spiritual path and how you were called to a deeper understanding of feminine archetypes?

My journey began after my children were born. My life completely changed after having two kids in the span of 13 months and I dove deep into my new role of being a mother. But after a few months, I had a bit of an identity crisis and began feeling lost. I didn’t know who I was outside of being a mom, I had been so consumed by motherhood that I neglected all of the other parts of myself. That is when I went on a journey to find myself again and in the process learned about spirituality, the Divine Feminine, goddesses, and archetypal embodiment.

Through years of research, workshops, and exploring the archetypes on my own I uncovered thirteen different archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Through this work, I realized each archetype is expressed differently and has a different energetic frequency than the others. By isolating that energy (for example the Maiden vs the Crone) we can tune into the gifts and wisdom of that particular thread of Shakti. By working with specific archetypes, I was able to heal myself, reclaim my power, and embody my truth.

2. For someone just at the beginning of rebalancing their Divine Feminine, what exactly ARE feminine archetypes?

I view the feminine archetypes as different threads of Shakti. Shakti, or kundalini energy, is creative life force energy. It’s energy that pulsates through every being on earth, yet can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Shakti energy is both creation and destruction, it can be gentle and soft or raging and fierce. Take for example the nurturing, supportive, loving energy of the mother, versus the fierce, protective, strong energy of the Warrior. Both are feminine archetypes, but they expressed differently. And most importantly, they feel differently in our bodies when we embody them.

3. How can archetypes help us on our spiritual journey?

Archetypes are great tools to help us not only learn more about ourselves, but they gift us with the mysteries of the Divine Feminine and allow us to heal any blocks or traumas we might be unconsciously holding onto. On my personal journey, it was the Queen who helped me step into my sovereignty. It was the archetype of the Witch who allowed me to reclaim my power and view my life through a more magical light. It was the Warrior who helped me establish boundaries in my life, which as an empath and recovering people pleaser, was a necessary adjustment. The Dark Goddess held my hand as I explored my shadows. These are just a few small examples of the gifts of the archetypes. The things you can uncover with the archetypes are limitless.

4. What are the different archetypes?

In my upcoming book, Feminine Archetypes, I explore thirteen archetypes of the Divine Feminine. They are the Maiden, Wild Woman, Warrior, Huntress, Lover, Witch, Priestess, Queen, Mother, Dark Goddess, Hearth Keeper, Mystic, and Crone.

You might know these archetypes by other names, but each of these archetypes has unique energetic frequencies that can help guide us to reclaiming and embodying our truth. Working with archetypes in our lives tends to be a cyclical process. We may start a new project and feel the excitement and passion as the Maiden, but then blocks might come up and we work through them with the Dark Goddess, before being swept away with the blissful surrender of the Lover. There is a time and season for each one.

It’s important to note that ALL of the archetypes are available to you right now, they are all expressions of yourself. Because you are not just one thing. You are more than just a Mother. You can also be a Warrior, a Mystic, and a Lover all at once. Even if you don’t identify as a specific archetype, it’s energy and wisdom are still available to you.

5. How can we start to work with the archetypes?

Start by writing down the archetypes listed above and feel into how your body reacts to each one. There is a wisdom, a deep inner knowing within our bodies, and learning to listen to it can be a powerful tool. Make a list of attributes or characteristics on what each archetype means to you. How do you perceive them? Which one are you most drawn to? Which one do you want to learn more about? Which one do you feel the most resistance to? Then ask yourself why for each response.

If you are looking for support to explore these parts of yourself, check out the archetypal activations I am currently offering. These potent activations are energetic journeys that help you open the doors to each archetype within yourself and teaching you how to divinely embody each one.

Visit my website to learn more about my work, sign up for my newsletter and download a free gift to help you on your archetypal journey.


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