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Leena Lemos

Leena Lemos enjoys rainy days, deep talks about the meaning of the universe, and witty banter. She is the Founder of House of Enlightenedhood, Author, and a self-proclaimed Spiritual Hype Girl.

Krista Xiomara Stair Bright White

Krista Xiomara

Krista Xiomara is a writer, podcast host, healer, religious wounding and trauma expert, and co-founder of House of Enlightenedhood. She is a practicing Buddhist and incorporates wisdom from both Eastern and Western religions, philosophies, and spirituality.


Carol Bustamante

Carol Bustamante is a Spiritual Forecaster and Intuitive Healer guided by the Angelic Realms. She channels weekly messages for the collective in her series, Carol's Corner, and is the co-host of the podcast Spiritual Forecasting.