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We Are Reclaiming Spirituality.

LightCasting was born with a vision to change the world through the mission of Open Source Spirituality™. Consider it a reimaged relationship between spirituality and media. Our media network takes a bold and innovative approach to integrate the elevation of the collective by channeling the work of our spiritual co-op across multiple audio and visual creative platforms. The result? An accessible and grounded approach to spirituality that leaves no soul behind.

Spirituality is our birthright. It belongs to all of us. We are committed to rising together and ensuring no soul is left behind or inhibited from reaching their truest potential regardless of age, sex, gender, race, or access. Our movement opens the doors of endless possibility through co-creation, shared resources, global content exposure, synergistic relationships, and collective investment.

We are a subsidiary company of House of Enlightenedhood, a spiritual co-op and global vision to raise the consciousness through an allocation of wisdom. We are:

De-Commoditizing the Spiritual Practice

Our co-op puts the power back into the hands of the collective to teach, heal, and share spiritual gifts with a global community without financial barriers, hidden fees, marketing funnels, or information gatekeeping.

Honoring the Adversities of the Human Experience

The human and spiritual experience are one. We honor and celebrate the shadows of our humanity and we call forth our highest self to heal and expand.

Reclaiming Our Spirituality as a Birthright

Spiritual wisdom used to be part of our lineages. It’s time to lean into the internal and eternal knowledge and give space for expansion without limitation.

Normalizing Our Connection to the Universe

There’s nothing standing in the way of our connection to everything that is. We empower each soul to stand in the light of their inherent divinity to access source healing, wisdom, higher-realms and unity.

Removing the Barriers to Spiritual Growth

To raise the consciousness of the human collective, spiritual tools must be accessible to every single soul on this planet without financial restrictions.


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